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The Cape & Castle Podcast, Ep 3: ‘Westworld’ and Quarantine Queues

The Cape & Castle Podcast is back for a third episode and it’s a full house!

These are unprecedented times and half the world population is under lockdown. As challenging as it may be, it is the best way each and every one of us can help and contribute on an individual scale. So please, stay at home.

But this unprecedented situation brought our first ever Podcast episode with all three Cape & Castle founders together: Christine Cenon, Sarah Cudlipp and myself (Sarah Baye).

Of course, we talked Quarantine and all, or more specifically, ways to pass the time. Going through that list of books you always promised yourself you’d read is great; taking up a new hobby certainly is fun (not sure what my neighbors think about my recent interest in online dancing classes, though), but catching up on shows and movies has its perks, too.

And this happens to be our field of expertise. Cinemas are closed but thankfully that little screen at home we have collectively been neglecting is coming in handy right now. Thus, Christine, caught in a Sarah sandwich, led the talk on the shows to binge. And of course, we could not not discuss the HBO series Westworld, starring Evan Rachel Wood (Frozen II), Thandie Newton (Solo: A Star Wars Story) and Tessa Thompson (Avengers: Endgame), which we have been covering since Season 3 started.

If you haven’t given this brilliant show a try, now is the time. Trust us.

Our Quarantine list includes a varied range of series, from the dark comedy Why Women Kill (starring Disney alums Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jack Davenport), the ABC police series The Rookie, to the ‘right down memory lane’ ABC Family drama-comedy Greek — yes, we did that. For those seeking novelty or feeling nostalgic, listen to our full podcast for more details and check out the trailers below.

We also weigh in on the new Marvel movie release dates (heads up: we are re-lie-ved Black Widow will play on the Big Screen). But what about the Disney+ series that were scheduled for the end of the year? We discuss that, too.

Photo: Marvel

Last, but certainly not least, Cape & Castle shares their new Quarantine-inspired event project. Something the whole team is really looking forward to. I really want to tell you about it but Sarah Cudlipp did a far better job explaining it.

To find out more, listen to the full Cape & Castle Podcast right below and share your quarantine suggestions with @CapeandCastle:


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