Mystery 101: An Education in Murder

“Mystery 101: An Education in Murder” Review

We don’t know about you, but we love this Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series! The characters are adorable and while the storylines are a bit on the cheesy side, we still love them. It’s great to be able to watch a movie that we don’t have to think too hard to follow and always gives us some feels. So keep reading for our Mystery 101: An Education in Murder review!

Just Going to Call It Dating

So this one started with Travis, (Kristoffer Polaha, ABC’s North Shore) Amy, and Graham just casually chilling on the couch for what looked like a casual movie night. We were speechless. Their relationship has come a long way but we were more than ready to see things get genuinely romantic. In every movie, there seems to be at least one moment that teases us with an almost-kiss between Travis and Amy. And every single time we see it, we just want to see the actual kiss even more. The chemistry between these two is definitely electric and it’s easy to get lost in every one of their scenes together.

Mystery 101: An Education in Murder Review

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There is at least a situation in each film that Amy gets herself in a potentially dangerous situation. While she’s more than capable of handling herself in most situations, it is always nice to see Travis concerned for her. He works so hard to act like the tough guy that it makes us love it that much more when Amy brings out the vulnerable side of him. An Education in Murder even had Travis coming right out and admitting that he knows Amy can handle herself but he likes having her back anyway. And the final scenes with Blake? Wow! Travis was the definition of pissed when he saw Blake putting his hands on Amy. That kind of buildup and a few interrupted almost-kisses definitely led to us cheering when it finally happened!

Mistakes and Cover-Ups

We really didn’t suspect Blake until the moment Amy and Travis confronted him. But when they started unraveling his crimes, wow! We found ourselves in shock about how far Blake went to cover things up. The dude literally spent years continuously plagiarizing and killing anyone who suspected him. Sure, we can see where he would want to get out of his father’s shadow. But how he decided that the way to do that was by killing people and copying other’s work is beyond us.

Though in the end, it did seem as though he was beginning to realize just how far he went. Which is great, but he took others’ lives. He set Mac up for murder and sent the man to prison. An epiphany after being caught certainly isn’t going to make up for all of that. Or any of it really. Quite frankly we already weren’t going to forgive him for going after Travis. And then he went after Amy and all bets were off or us.

Out With The Old

We have never really thought much about who Travis replaced when he joined the Garrison police department. But now that we know, we’re glad Howard is no longer a detective. While Howard explained away why he had acted the way he did, we still weren’t planning on forgiving him for his actions any time soon. We’re still wondering exactly what he was planning on doing with Amy if he got her into his car. Howard also used the excuse that he thought he had been right at the time. Though he did admit that he knows now he just took the easy path. If he really thought he had been right, then he never would have been threatened by Amy in the first place. Something we were so glad Travis pointed out right away.

Mystery 101: An Education in Murder Review

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Howard’s actions really made us feel like all of his past cases should be called into question. The dude was stalking Amy for the majority of the movie. Even after Travis told him he wasn’t to go near her. Like, way to act as a first-class creep. Then to confront Amy at the police station of all places? It certainly seemed like he had a screw or two loose. We were right there with Travis when he asked Howard in shock what he was doing. It’s no wonder he was being considered a suspect in the murders with the way he was acting. Regardless of Blake being revealed as the actual killer, we’re still suspicious of Howard.

Without Graham

We love Graham. Truly. He’s hilarious and there are a lot of times that we find ourselves thinking the exact words he says. But we were so frustrated with his terrible timing. And even though he played it off as coincidence, it seemed to be a purposeful move. But we really aren’t sure what we believe. Because Graham has made it obvious from the first movie that he really likes Travis. We also think he would be happy to see Travis with Amy. Someone has to have her back when she investigates all the mysteries around her.

What did you think of the latest Mystery 101 movie? Do you think we will get a few more? If so, do you think we will get to see Travis and Amy actually be a couple instead of just acting like one? How amazing would it be to see the two of them solving crimes together while sneaking a kiss here and there? We’re all for it! Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to join the Mystery 101 conversation and tell us your thoughts! Also be sure to check out our site for more articles on all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more!

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  • Debra denny

    I would like to see more mystery 101 and I think Amy and Travis should be a couple and maybe get married please mske more

  • nuna

    too hard to like graham, in spite of your right up. He physically extremely dirty. the unshaven look is now passe and he looks as if he would literally stink if you were in his presence.


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