The Resident 3x18 Review

‘The Resident’ 3×18 Review: “So Long, Dawn Long”

Wow, this episode hit close to home more than a few times as the hospital dealt with a variety of situations! Including Kit’s son-in-law coming to Chastain and to Conrad for treatment. Then we had Doctor Bell showing us just how great he can be on camera, but that doesn’t mean he wants to let go of being a badass surgeon! Keep reading for The Resident 3×18 review!

Sad But True

We had high hopes for Cain when he first appeared, even though we were wary. But we didn’t want to be right about our suspicions that he would be a bad guy. We’ve had enough bad doctors on this show to last us a lifetime. But, it seemed that Cain was going to be yet another one. It has gotten to the point that we truly despise him, more than we did Lane and more than we ever disliked Bell. And that’s saying something. Which is why it didn’t surprise us to learn that Cain had something to do with Dawn being on life support. But then to put that poor family through so much pain only to tell them it was time to pull the plug? That was despicable and we don’t think we will ever forgive him for that. Plus, he’s completely to blame him for this superbug now being on the loose!

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Something that really hit us hard is the attitude that some at Chastain seem to have about life support. They literally call it the vent farm. That’s something that is so wrong on so many levels. There are so many studies that look into whether or not patients can hear things going on around them while in comas or on life support. But whether or not they can hear those around them, doesn’t change what should be happening. Doctors, nurses, and any other staff in a hospital need to treat their patients with care and respect.

In The Family

We love Kit and it was wonderful to see her back! But it sucks that she couldn’t be back for good news and instead brought her sick son-in-law. Who received devastating news. Yes, Molly obviously struggles with anxiety and we can understand Kit wanting to protect her. But we are also sure that it in no way helps her anxiety to know that something is going on and that her mom and her husband’s doctor are lying to her. Conrad went against Kit’s wishes, but he did what he thought was right and he gave Derek and Molly the truth.

Conrad was able to give Kit the promise that the two of them would work together to do whatever they could. We loved watching these two get close! It was also nice to see Conrad and Nic once again leaning on one another. Especially when they both had different things going on. But Conrad and Kit did their absolute best and the hard work seemed to pay off since Derek was able to make it through his first round of chemo. We know it will still be a long road for him, but we believe that Derek can make it through this! Especially with Kit and Conrad heading up his care!

In Real Life

Let’s go back, like way back. To when Bell was called HODAD and Conrad made the keen observation that he should do something else. Like, be a doctor on television. We thought it was hilarious and genuinely felt the same. But what Bell was up to in this episode was not what we had in mind. Though it was something he seemed to excel at. And his show was actually kind of cool. Plus, we obviously love him now and we want to see him living his best life.

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Though we can understand how it would be pretty hard to balance being on tv while still trying to practice medicine. And Bell has definitely proven on more than one occasion that he isn’t going to give up being a surgeon easily. We honestly don’t know that anything can pull Bell away from performing surgeries. Except himself when he eventually decides that he’s ready. Something that we don’t see happening any time soon.

Something Missing

We loved that we got to delve a little deeper into Kit and her family. And we really loved that we got to see Conrad bond with Kit the way he did. But that didn’t stop us from noticing that there were a few things missing from this episode. By things, we mean people. By people, we mean Mina, Devon. While we did get to see Devon, it was not nearly enough screen time. But that’s nothing to not seeing Mina! Where the heck did she go? Why has she been gone so long? We have so many questions and concerns but we are just going to sit back and hope that we see her in the next episode! We’re sure AJ misses her as much as we do!

Do you think we will get to see Mina and Nic next week? What do you think they’ve been up to? How much longer do you think we will have to tolerate Cain before he is kicked out of Chastain? What is it that you think he’s trying to accomplish? Do you think Conrad made the right decision with the way he told Derek and Molly the truth? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to share all of your thoughts and join the conversation about The Resident! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles and quizzes about all things Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and more!

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