Riddled With Deceit: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery Review

“Riddled with Deceit: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery” Review

Jesse Metcalfe (ABC’s Desperate Housewives) was back in another Martha’s Vineyard Mystery! This time, Jeff (Metcalfe) is called in to help oversee the movement of some very expensive emeralds. That are also supposedly cursed! Keep reading for our Riddled with Deceit: A Martha’s Vineyard Mystery review!

Jeff Stole Our Hearts Again

We already knew that we loved Jeff. But we were so happy that he was once again being called out of retirement. We completely understand how his injury could keep him out of the big city. But, we think Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect place for him. Jeff is a total asset to the police force and his ability to take charge of just about any situation is extremely impressive. Though it is slightly concerning that what forced him into retirement in the first place may be more sinister than it seemed. What also worries us about Jeff is that we know he will push himself to solve a case no matter what.

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While this should be encouraging instead of worrisome, we don’t want to see Jeff get hurt. His injury still clearly bothered him this time around, but Jeff once again pushed through it. He’s a damn good detective and we completely understand his need to jump into whatever is happening where there are people he cares about the most. This is why even though we knew Jeff deserved the job offer he received, we were happy and unsurprised when Jeff turned the offer down. He knows exactly where he needs to be and we loved hearing that he had no plans on leaving any time soon.

The Dream Team

Zee and Jeff are truly a perfect pair. They understand each other on a pretty deep level and work off each other flawlessly. Jeff and Zee are able to challenge each other’s ideas and we think it’s part of what makes these movies great. It was made clear in A Beautiful Place to Die (you can read our review of that movie right here) that the two would do anything to protect one another. The only thing different this time around is that the bond between them has only deepened since then.

And while we get that there are more movies to come in this series (there better be!), we still want to see Zee and Jeff get together sooner rather than later. Though it is clear that this is definitely going to be a slow burn romance. But we’re kind of okay with that too. Watching Jeff and Zee interact and have dinner together is a beautiful thing. Almost as beautiful as watching the two of them fall deeper in love every moment they spend together. Also, in order for us to accurately decide which one of them actually makes the better tartar sauce, we will need to try both of them. So if Hallmark could set that up for us, that would be great.

Familiar Faces

We absolutely love Britt’s character and our hearts broke for her and what she went through. It must have been absolutely terrifying and she easily could have died. Not only are we happy that she made it through everything okay, but we hope we get to see her character in future movies from this series. It was nice to see Britt have a little bigger a role this time around. She plays such an important role in Zee’s life and those are the kind of characters we need to see more of.

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We also got to see the return of Jackie. People from the press tend to be the villains in stories like this. But Jackie seems to generally stay on the up and up. Plus, we can’t help that we love Jackie and her wit. She is a genuinely good reporter and she has a lot of integrity. Probably the biggest reason why Jeff never seems to mind working with her. Jackie always seems to turn out to be an extremely valuable resource. It was great to see the chief again as well. We absolutely love his relationship with Jeff and he’s an important staple to these movies.

Another Whodunit

Once again, we had a lot of suspects when it came to who stole the emeralds. While there were plenty of people with all different kinds of motives, we also had to consider other options. Britt did go around wearing the brooch, and there were plenty of people who saw it and admired it. Maybe someone got what they thought was a brilliant idea to steal the brooch. But we kind of figured that wasn’t the case. Though we were still surprised by who the actual culprit was, and the fact that there were two of them. Willard was on our suspect list until he got murdered. So we were a little surprised that he was the one who stole the brooch. He just ended up being a victim of Regina and Freddy and their greed.

What did you think of the latest Martha’s Vineyard Mystery? Did you wonder who the culprit was until the end? Or did you have a feeling about who it was all along? Are you excited for the next movie in the series? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to join the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery conversation! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney, Marvel, Star-Wars, and more!

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