High Fidelity Season One Review

‘High Fidelity’ Season One Review

Amazing definitely doesn’t begin to cover our feelings about High Fidelity. It’s an incredible soundtrack that perfectly expresses the messy road that is life, love, and romance. It’s one of the most relatable shows we’ve seen in a long time and the music is extremely kick-ass and amazing. Zoe Kravitz speaks right to our hearts and her inner monologue is full of things we’ve said to ourselves a thousand times! Keep reading for our High Fidelity season one review!

Life Through Song

The game of love is not what we are often led to believe it is. Sure, it’s fun times and happiness. But there’s a lot of messy parts in between that can get you down. Which is exactly what Rob shows us. Did we mention the show has a killer soundtrack? Breakups and heartache are normal and it can be a real bitch to bounce back sometimes. Rob owns her missteps and truly allows herself to express her feelings. No matter what they may be.

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The way that Rob is able to express her feelings with songs has us feeling incredibly connected to her. We’ve all had breakups that left us feeling raw and freaked out after finding out they’ve moved on. The emotion that comes from Rob every time she mentions Mac always pulls at our heartstrings. And we can understand where she’s coming from, wondering if she let the one for her get away.

Friendship Anthem

High Fidelity showed us the best part of friendships. The relationship Rob has with Simon is deep and he is the sensitive side of Rob. Simon is the one that forces her to talk about her feelings and understands her language. The two of them connect on a deep level. Simon is able to sense Rob’s moods and know when something isn’t right with her. But they wouldn’t be complete without Cherise.

Cherise lives her life to the fullest and does whatever makes her happy. She also does her best to get Rob out and around the town. Cherise doesn’t allow Rob to wallow and is dead set in her own opinions. Opinions that she is definitely not afraid to voice to anyone who is around. We love how fierce she is and the fact that she won’t take any shit from anyone.

The Ex Quest

Most of us don’t want to see our exes again. Either because we can’t stand the thought of seeing their faces after a messy breakup or because we don’t know if we could handle seeing them with someone else. No matter how much time since the last time you saw them it just never feels like long enough. From Simon, who has a heart of gold and never meant to hurt Rob, and was just on his own track of self-discovery. To Kat, who is focused on nothing but her social media and fashion statements. We also had Liam, who while he was extremely charming, we felt like he was just fun and someone to pass the time with for Rob.

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But this entire journey that Rob went through wasn’t about the exes. It was about Rob the entire time. It wasn’t about reminiscing and trying to hold on, it was about understanding what went wrong and letting go of the past. Even if we all learned along the way that you may not be able to completely let go of anyone who had a major impact on your life no matter how hard you try. And that’s okay.

Family Love

If there is anyone who understands Rob better than Simon, it’s her brother. Cam and Rob have a beautiful sibling relationship that is definitely goals. They give each other shit from time to time as brothers and sisters tend to do, but there is nothing but love between them. Cam also made it clear from the very first episode that he is always going to be on Rob’s side. And we love that. We also love that Cam has a complete inability to lie to Rob or tell her the whole truth. Even if he wanted to, his face gives away that he has more to tell and it doesn’t take much for Rob to get Cam to spill all of the beans.

Then there is Nikki, who is the perfect addition to the family that Cam and Rob make. She stands up for herself and makes it clear that she will do anything for Cam and for Rob as well. They’re an amazing little family that grows a bit more at the end of the season with Cam and Nikki’s baby. Who has yet to be named. But we are definitely rooting for Raekwon. But we can’t wait to see Rob as an aunt because we know she’s going to be an amazing one.

What Comes Next

Even though things didn’t end great for them, and there’s only a nine percent chance of things working out between them, we’re kind of rooting for Clyde. By kind of, we mean a lot. While he may not be on the same level as Rob in her interests, he does make an effort to try. And while he loved the way Rob looked at the David Bowie album of her dreams, we don’t think he realized that it’s the exact same way he looks at Rob. So if we have to pick one, he’s the one we’re going with. Or maybe Rob will meet someone completely new in the second season we are definitely getting.

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What did you think of High Fidelity? Which ex stole your heart? Do you want to see Rob find someone completely new or find her way back to one of the exes? What journey of self-discovery do you think Rob could find herself on next? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to join in on the High Fidelity conversation! Be sure to also check out our site for more articles on all things Disney, Marvel, Star-Wars, and more!

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