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Fandom Flashback: ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

It’s Fandom Flashback Day and we’re looking back at one of the absolute best romcoms of all time: Sweet Home Alabama. Let’s be honest, we all love this classic, and if you don’t…you’re lying. Recently, there’s been some rumors going around that the beloved film might be getting a sequel. What a way to make the 20s really roar, am I right? Here are some reasons that this movie is not only so well loved, but 100% deserves that sequel.

country girl dream come true


It’s very obvious from the beginning of the movie that Melanie Carmichael was a small town girl who went to the big city and made it! Not only that, she managed to land McDreamy himself as her love interest. What’s not to love about this story?

who says you can’t go home


Now, once you’ve escaped the small town, it’s not exactly glamorous when you come back home. However, this movie does a bang up job of portraying how no matter how much changes in a small town…nothing really changes. Home grown comfort is still the flavor of the week here in Small Town U.S.A.

ladies love country boys


McDreamy is all well and dandy. But Christ Almighty if you don’t swoon over Jake Perry’s accent and blue eyes, there might just be something wrong with you! Granted, there’s a difference between country and hillbilly (and you have to be country to know the difference). But ol’ Jake here is a god among men in the “good ol’ boy” category.

representin’ all sides

Baring in mind the issues we’re still having, this movie was way ahead of it’s time with LGBT acceptance. It had not one, but two gay characters in a movie about the south! And after the initial announcement, everyone was cool with it. Like, you guys don’t understand how amazing that is. We’re talking about ALA-BAMA in the early 2000s! Fabulous!

true love conquers all


The movie was a long, hard back and forth between Andrew and Jake, but ultimately Melanie picked her first love Jake. Who doesn’t love a feel good story like that? I mean, come on! That’s literally how Hallmark stays in business!

Alabama’s state song


Common misconception: this song isn’t even a country song! “Sweet Home Alabama” is actually a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd, making it a rock song. However, what most “yankees” don’t realize, is that we southerners listen to a lot of classic rock, also. And no southern party is complete without playing this song!

we can quote every line


From the very first scene, this movie has some of the most quotable lines in cinematic history. Personally, my family hates when they walk in on me watching the movie because I quote it so much they hear me instead of the movie. And if this gif isn’t your favorite quote…that’s fair, there’s a lot of good ones here.

For these reasons and more, this movie will always hold a very special place in all of hearts. And if maybe one day a sequel were to happen…well…we’d probably all explode of excitement.

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