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Quiz: Which Chris Evans Movie Character is Your Soulmate?

find out which character is your true love

Chris Evans has played many characters: 2 superheroes, a dystopian hero, a hot guy with no name, a devoted uncle, a trumpet player, a few womanizers, and killers…

With Knives Out being one of the best movies of last year in which he gave a great performance as Ransom Drysdale and after officially passing on the Captain America shield in Avengers: Endgame, we thought, at Cape & Castle, that it was just the right time to celebrate some of Chris Evans’ movie characters. So join in the fun.

But which one is your soulmate? Is Steve the one for you? Or perhaps it’s Frank? Colin? Johnny?

My point is you probably know all the names above and that is already proof of love!

Take our quiz to find out which Chris Evans movie character you belong with and don’t forget to share your result.

It’s ok to try again for another character — we won’t judge!

What kind of partner do you look for?

What fashion style would you like your significant other to have?

What personality trait is your pet peeve?

How would your friends describe you?

What is your ideal first date?

What do you think about PDA?

Which Chris Evans movie character is your soulmate?

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  • Namrata Mukherjee

    Nick Vaughn 😍 any character would do, for that matter.


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