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The Cape & Castle Podcast, Episode II: ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’

Happy New Year, Cape & Castle Fam! The Red Room Podcast is back, but under a new name and a new brand. Welcome to The Cape & Castle Podcast, the now-flagship podcast of!

While you can still expect Marvel Studios content from us, we didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves. Therefore, from this episode onward, expect all things Disney to drop here!

In Episode II of The Cape & Castle Podcast, Cape & Castle Editor-in-Chief Christine Cenon sits down with staff writer Amy Guercia and talks Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

From what was really thought of the return of Palpatine, to new, forced plot lines and characters, Christine and Amy don’t hold back as they passionately get their feels out. They address the following, and more:

  • Is Palpatine a clone?
  • What was wrong with Rey being a nobody and fitting into the story without having to carry the Palpatine name?
  • Are Finn and Jannah the new twins?
  • Why even is Finn Force-sensitive?
  • What was the purpose of D-O?
  • Why wasn’t Ben rescued from the World between worlds?
  • Why the fuck even did Ben have to fucking die?
  • Why couldn’t Skywalker just have been a new name for Jedi?

And while Christine takes a quick bathroom break (sometime around the 1:16:30 mark), Amy digs into Reddit, only to see the fandom lose their shit over the most recent Abrams Cut rumors. Spoiler alert: we also lose our shit.

Of course, too, no Star Wars conversation is complete without talking Reylo and Stormpilot. (To the captains of the Stormpilot ship: Christine is requesting permission to come aboard. Please and thank you.)

Photo: Disney/Lucasfilm

What did we say? Our hosts have feels. A lot of them. Listen to the conversation below:

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