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What We Know So Far About the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot

We’re all so excited that this reboot is happening, and we can hardly wait. Here’s a complete list of everything we know so far (though given it’s not that much) about the Lizzie McGuire reboot.


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It is pretty much common knowledge at this point, but just to be perfectly clear: the show will exclusively be streaming on Disney+. However, unlike most other streaming sites, Disney+ will continue its trend of having the episodes come out a week at a time instead of a whole season at once.


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Of course, we’ve got our girl Lizzie (Hilary Duff), because there’s no show without her. She will also be joined by her cartoon alter ego that we all know and love from the original show. Lizzie will be joined by her family with Robert Carradine and Hallie Todd returning as her parents. If you’re a fan of TikTok (because who isn’t) you are also well aware that Jake Thomas will be reprising his role as Lizzie’s troublesome little brother, Max.

And a recent development has been that Adam Lamberg absolutely will be reprising his role as Gordo! *cue happy dance*

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But that’s not all, fans’ favorite heartthrob Clayton Snyder will be returning as none other than Ethan Craft. And ladies, he’s just as dreamy as ever.


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Apparently, Lizzie is living her best life in New York City! You go girl! She’s working as an apprentice for a prestigious interior designer. However, something (we don’t know what, yet) is going to happen to “force her out” of Brooklyn and back home to Los Angeles. Presumably, this will all happen in the first episode or two so that the rest of the show can take place in full throwback mode!

Lizzie’s Love life

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So, when the show picks up with Lizzie in New York, she’s apparently going to have a boyfriend while she’s there. He owns a restaurant in SoHo, so at least we know homegirl has been eating well! However! We know that she is possibly moving back home, and long distance never lasts!

Cue Gordo! Maybe? Who knows. Whether you shipped Lizzie and Gordo or not, there were shippers out there so there is a possibility that this may happen. The question is how far? Do we have another DJ/Steve (Fuller House) situation? We’ll see.

Another possibility is of course, the boy who stole all our teenage hearts, who still has perfect hair–Ethan Craft. Duff has already said that there may be “a thing” going on there. All I’ve gotta say is, “Deets, girl, deets!”

What we don’t know


There are a few things still left in the dark. For instance, there is no word on whether Lalaine will be returning in her role of Lizzie’s other best friend Miranda. Fans will remember that she didn’t make an appearance in The Lizzie McGuire Movie, but hopefully she’ll at least show up once, right?

Also, with the return of Ethan Craft, does that mean that there is a possibility that Lizzie’s nemesis, Kate, will also make an appearance? Only time will tell.

How much time? Well, that’s the last bit of bad news. While we do know that the show is set to come out in 2020, and that filming has definitely begun, we still do not have a definitive premiere date yet. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait long!

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