3 Bold, Must-See Predictions for ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’

We’re so close. After two years of waiting, we are now one week away from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


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Set to wrap up the Star Wars saga, theories about what will happen have plagued the internet for months. We wanted to join in on the fun as well with three bold predictions which⁠—unless we are lucky⁠—will give us a good laugh after the movie is out.

1. Rey goes to the dark side.

Disney floored fans when they released footage of a dark side version of Rey during their August expo. But the question is, will Dark Rey be a real plotline or just a Force vision? We’re willing to bet Rey does tap into the dark side, and here’s why: Palpatine.

dark rey

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Darth Vader did not get the job done, so what do you do when your apprentice throws you down the garbage disposal? You move right on to someone else, of course! Palpatine knows that if he wants to complete his goal of restoring the Galactic Empire, he needs to put a horse in the race—or at least covert one over to his side.

With few Force-users left in the galaxy, Rey is his only logical option. Kylo Ren is automatically eliminated as a candidate due to his bloodline. Palpatine failed with Anakin and Luke, so why would he risk striking out trying to manipulate another Skywalker?

Rey’s obsession with her past gives Palpatine enough bulletin board material to devise a dark side pitch. Rey did not seem all too satisfied with what Kylo told her about her parents, but if anyone can find out the truth, it’s Palpatine.


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And remember, we have already seen Rey fail to resist the dark side before. In The Last Jedi, Rey explores a dark side cave on Ahch-To in search of answers.

2. Anakin Skywalker appears as a Force ghost.

From Obi-Wan to Yoda, past characters returning as Force ghosts are climactic moments in Star Wars. Luke Skywalker’s voice-over in the trailer leads us to believe he will return this way, but what if he is not the only one?


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The Skywalkers have been causing chaos in every corner of the galaxy for three generations, but their destiny is not complete. The title of the film honors more than Kylo Ren—the main Skywalker of the sequel trilogy—but the legacy of his lineage in general.

The Skywalkers’ impact in the Star Wars universe is matched only by the Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine. With Palpatine’s return, Anakin’s fulfillment of the Jedi prophecy is undone. The Force will remain unbalanced as long as the Sith continues to oppress the galaxy with his schemes. Who better to guide Kylo toward finishing the Skywalker destiny than the Chosen One himself?

Considering the ninth installment is not only wrapping up the sequel trilogy but the entire saga, the stakes are remarkably high. Anakin paying a surprise visit would be a prudent callback that both shocks fans and allow the story to come full circle.


Photo: Lucasfilm

And not to mention, Anakin started this mess in the first place, so it’s only fair he helps clean it up. His grandson is prancing around the galaxy, idolizing Anakin’s achievements as Darth Vader, and he has done nothing about it? Shameful.

3. Rey uses the Force heal to resurrect Kylo Ren.

The concept may sound odd at first, but it is canon. If you have followed The Mandalorian (spoiler alert!) on Disney+, you already know this.

In Chapter 2, internet sensation Baby Yoda suggests Force healing is possible when he tries to use it on the Mandalorian’s wounded arm. However, this prediction finds its inspiration outside Lucasfilm.

Disney’s sequel trilogy has several striking similarities to their timeless princess film Beauty and the Beast. The most direct tie to the romantic fantasy is only minutes into The Force Awakens.


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During Rey’s introductions scene, we see a close-up shot of a wilting red flower and a bell inside her home. These objects bear clear symbolism to Beauty and the Beast, which features a protagonist named Belle and an enchanted rose, the trademark symbol of the film.

Another connection between the films is the uncanny resemblance between Rey’s theme and the prologue from Beauty and the Beast.

The reciprocal dual-protagonist setup of the two films suggests these similarities are more than just Easter eggs. In this parallel, Rey represents the adventurous Belle, and Kylo Ren represents the hot-headed, tantrum-prone Beast.

Fast-forward to the end of Beauty and the Beast, Belle’s love breaks the enchantment, resurrecting the Beast from his fatal wounds. The Rise of Skywalker could follow a similar ending. With all the signs pointing toward Kylo Ren’s redemption, the brooding Supreme Leader may return to the light and defeat Emperor Palpatine in a sacrifice play.


Photo: Lucasfilm

However, the only remaining Skywalker dying in a movie titled The Rise of Skywalker seems odd since the family is the heartbeat of Star Wars. Rey reviving Kylo Ren with the Force heal is the way around both ending the Skywalker bloodline and rehashing Darth Vader’s arc in Return of the Jedi.

And not to mention, director J.J. Abrams emphasized The Rise of Skywalker would feature new Force powers.

The Rise of Skywalker arrives in theaters Friday, December 20th.

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