30 Days of Thanks: Why We’re Thankful for Loki

It is day 17 of our 30 Days of Thanks, and we here at Cape & Castle are thankful for no other than the charming yet cunning God of Mischief, Loki (Laufeyson) Odinson. There are many reasons as to why we are in love with Marvel’s famous redeemed villain.

1. He’s Relatable

No one wants to erase half of the universe. However, everyone wants to be loved. That was all Loki ever wanted – true love and recognition from his adoptive father, Odin. Unfortunately, Odin was not the best father figure to Loki. Learning that he was the descendant of a frost giant, Laufey, did not help him at all mentally and emotionally either.

Therefore, Loki acted out as any rebellious teenager would (perhaps not to the point of murdering innocent people, but you get the point). He grew an obsession of being king and ruling the world solely because he wanted to be what he never was to Odin – a remarkable son whom he was proud of. At the end of the day, I believe we all deep down find our identity in pleasing our parents as well as crave for their approval.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Were we ever not jealous of our sibling(s) growing up? Loki’s jealousy of Thor was so real and very understandable. I mean imagine competing with your brother or sister that had and did everything that your father or mother expected of you to have or do, but you didn’t. It is totally natural for some animosity to brew between the Asgardian brothers.

2. We Love His Iconic One-Liners

The God of Mischief’s one-liners are simply the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Photo: Tenor


Photo: GIPHY

3. Have We Mentioned Loki As Captain America?

Who doesn’t appreciate Loki impersonating the Star Spangled Man with a Plan?

Photo: Tenor

4. His Redemption

Loki’s character growth and development are very well written throughout the Marvel franchise. We see him evolve from being a troubled, misunderstood man, who turned to the wrong places, people, and things for help to a man that knows his value and worth as well as what it means to be loyal and to love. Over the course of The Dark World, Ragnarok, and Infinity War, we see Loki become this better person, or as a matter of fact, a hero.

The video below shows the most pivotal part of the cause of Loki’s full 180 change. Hearing from his big brother that he was thought highly of was his confirmation that he was not just some “monster” that everyone feared of and was indeed potential of doing much greater things.

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