Why We’re Thankful for Lilo & Stitch

30 Days of Thanks: Why We’re Thankful for ‘Lilo & Stitch’

We have had so much fun expressing our thanks for a few of our favorite characters and movies! But we aren’t done yet! For the fifteenth day of our 30 Days of Thanks, we’re talking about why we’re thankful for Lilo & Stitch!

Who Doesn’t Love Stitch

We couldn’t begin this anywhere other than expressing our thanks for our favorite little blue alien! Stitch is lovable, outrageous, and downright hilarious. While he has a tendency to bring trouble along with him wherever he goes, we know he has a heart of gold.

Why We’re Thankful for Lilo & Stitch

Image via Disney

Stitch is the perfect companion for Lilo and we love watching the two of them together! They take on any challenge that comes their way, no matter what it is. And this badass team takes it on without hesitation and we love watching it .


If you want a movie that capitalizes on family, you certainly don’t have to look any further than this one. Family is at the heart of everything when it comes to every one of the characters. We are so thankful for the guardian and big sister that is Nani. She doesn’t always give herself the credit she deserves for being there for Lilo. But we will always give her credit!

Nani did everything for Lilo and always put her little sister and her needs before her own. She is a truly beautiful soul. But she also isn’t one to be messed with. She can defend herself with the best of them and we love seeing her in action.

Why We’re Thankful for Lilo & Stitch

Image via Disney

Are you a Lilo & Stitch fan? What is your favorite part of the movie? Which character are you the most grateful for? Find and follow us on Twitter @capeandcastle to join the conversation! Be sure to also check out our site for articles on all things Disney, Marvel, and more!

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