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30 Days of Thanks: Why We’re Thankful for Rapunzel and Eugene

30 Days of Thanks is still on and we need to celebrate one of the best Disney couples

The best thing to have come out of the 2010 movie Tangled has to be Rapunzel and Eugene. Both individually and as a couple. Time for a round-up!

Why we’re thankful for Rapunzel

Rapunzel is one of the most relatable Disney princesses for the simple reason that she is truly the only one who behaves like the teenager she is. I mean, looking back at Cinderella, Aurora or Snow White, you can’t exactly say that their adolescent streak stands out. It’s hardly there, on the contrary.

Meanwhile, from early in the movie Rapunzel is introduced as your typical dreaming, rebellious, sometimes bored and always spontaneous teen.  She reads, paints, cooks, cleans…for a while. But Rapunzel longs to be independent while also being mindful of her mother’s feelings. She is kind and obedient for as long as she can take it until she finally listens to the urge to go and explore the world.

Once out, well, her endearing childish nature shone through beautifully. Ecstatic then sad, thrilled then miserable, feeling joyful then guilty. What did not waver, however, was her determination to go through with her initial dream to see the lights. And that is something to be thankful for. Rapunzel shows us it is okay to follow your dreams and not give up.

We love her candor, her enthusiasm, and her resilience. But above all, we admire her courage.

Rapunzel & Eugene

Rapunzel is a mood — GIF: Disney via Tenor

On a side note, we also thank her for making the frying pan the new mainstream weapon — so realistic. And let’s not forget she successfully demonstrated the hassle of having to brush long hair (ugh!)

Why we’re thankful for Eugene

Eugene, fka Flynn Rider, is hands down the coolest thief in the world. We love his looks, his luscious hair, his smirk and…his notorious smolder. No doubt, Rapunzel landed herself the hottest guy across all Disney realms.

Rapunzel & Eugene

The Smolder™ — Tangled via Disney

Personally, I love his little obsession with his nose. I mean, who doesn’t have a kind of complex with their nose? I know I’d be livid too if someone drew it wrong.

We’re grateful for Eugene because he is the most developed male romantic interest. He isn’t just a pretty boy whose only role is to sweep the princess off of her feet (and this is why Rapunzel doesn’t fall for him right away). Alongside her, he learns not to be ashamed of his true self and to believe in his dreams again.

He accompanies Rapunzel to see the lights and grows as a person in the process. Flynn Rider is the cynical alter ego who has given up on hope and people. Rapunzel inspires him to be candid and better himself. Because the trust she put in him is so genuine,  he is grateful for it and refuses to disappoint her. That’s a beautiful lesson to carry with you.

Why we’re thankful for Rapunzel and Eugene

They complement each other. Simple as that.

Rapunzel & Eugene via Disney

Eugene is the unhindered version of Rapunzel, the one with no limitations, whereas she gives his emancipated nature a purpose. She grows to be more carefree because of him, while he finds a meaning to give his life. She learns it is ok to transgress rules while he finds a cause to break them for.

Their developments peak when confronting Gothel. Rapunzel finally stands up to her mother figure and claims her freedom; Eugene selflessly sacrifices for someone else’s good.

And damn, did we all cry…but thankfully, not for long! We got this epic revival and reunion (wink to Beauty and Beast) that we are the most grateful for.

Rapunzel & Eugene via Disney

And let’s not forget the most female-empowering kiss in the history of fairy tales:

Rapunzel & Eugene

You go for it, girl! Tangled via Disney

This is what true love looks like, people. Now excuse me, while I go and rewatch…


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