Beauty and the Beast

30 Days of Thanks: Why We’re Thankful for ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Buckle up for a tale (of thanks) as long as time

30 Days of Thanks is still on at CapeandCastle and today we want to celebrate Beauty and the Beast.

Ok, I feel like I should state what will soon be obvious: I’m an unapologetic sucker for Beauty and the Beast. This is, hands down, my favorite Disney animated movie and I will never run out of reasons as to why I love it. Without further due, let’s get on with it.

A beautiful tale

Beauty and the Beast is defined as ‘a tale as long as time’ and the movie never loses sight of that keyword: a tale.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Opening via Disney

The opening of Beauty and the Beast has to be one of the most iconic intros. And yes, I know every word to it. The way the narrator sets the story, the background score and the imagery combined together immediately foretell the movie is bomb.

It is also one of the first Disney films to have the most developed romance. Belle does not fall in love at first sight, unlike her peers Cinderella, Snow White or Aurora, but grows to respect and appreciate the man behind the beast. And what a beautiful life lesson that is.

On another level, Beauty and the Beast belongs, alongside Sleeping Beauty, to the Gothic universe. And we are thankful for it. As a fan of the genre, I absolutely love the depiction of the main themes and patterns, the architecture and coloring.

Complex characters

Sticking to the Gothic talk, we love our Byronic hero the Beast. He’s moody, brooding and conflicted and that makes him one of our favorite Disney princes due to his complex and multi-layered personality. He’s like a very hairy mix between Darcy and Heathcliff, and we’re all for it. Yeah, what can we say? We are Romantic at heart (wink wink).

Beauty and the Beast

Byronic Hero The Beast via Disney

We love Belle, of course. Fierce, knowledgeable, brave and caring. She stands right on the line between strength and sensitivity. Without a doubt, one of the superior Disney Princesses of the gang and a role model to look up to growing up.

And obviously, Beauty and the Beast wouldn’t be what it is without Lumière, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip. The former two, standing at opposite poles, make the best pair. Their banter and one-liners add humor to the dark tale.

What we’re thankful for

The movie taught us that love can ignite in the most unexpected place, slowly and through friendship, beyond appearances. After all, it is the first Disney movie to have made us grow fond of a beast. And let’s admit it, we were all a tiny bit disappointed when he transformed back into a man. Or was that just us?? *clears throat*

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