Why We're Thankful for The Iron Man Team

30 Days of Thanks: Why We’re Thankful for The Iron Man Team

This is a hard one for us to talk about. But we will be the first ones to admit that we are still holding out hope for Tony Stark. We don’t care what the facts show or how impossible it is. Our hope for him will never die and we will never stop being thankful for Tony, Pepper, and their team!

Never Too Serious

The best thing about Tony is always how he can crack a joke even in the worst of times. It doesn’t mean he is taking a threat lightly or isn’t completely focused. He’s just so confident and sure in his abilities that he is able to crack those jokes. But we will admit Tony can be a little too sure of himself. That’s been the case on more than one occasion. But that’s why he has so many awesome people around him. To make sure Tony stays grounded and doesn’t get an ego too inflated.

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Pepper is probably one of the most sensible characters in existence. She’s also one of our favorites. She brings out the absolute best in Tony and forces him to accept the fact that he has feelings. More than that, Pepper makes Tony fess up to those feelings and is never afraid to show her own emotions. So when the two of them are together, is it any wonder we turn into grinning piles of goo?

His Support System

We love Happy more than we can say. Not only does he always stand by Tony no matter how ridiculous he’s being, but he’s a friend we want in our corner. Our hearts were broken and full at the same time watching Happy comfort Pepper and Morgan. Even when Tony is gone, Happy will always be there to take care of Tony’s family and ensure that his legacy lives on. Watching him keep an eye on Peter makes us overflow with emotion. Excuse us while we go cry.

If Happy is Tony’s right hand, then Rhodey is his left. He isn’t afraid to put Tony in his place and we love watching Tony give him a hard time. When Rhodey gets overexcited and reminds us of a kid in a candy store we can’t help but love him more. These three make a great trio, but it’s definitely a good thing Pepper is there to keep them all in check. Well, she does her best. But these three excel at getting themselves into trouble and there’s only so much one person can do.

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