Bloody Brilliant Plan

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Episode 11×06 Review: “A Bloody Brilliant Plan”

Six episodes in and NCIS: Los Angeles once again provides an amusing, yet serious case. Even though it starts off with some clowning around and accents galore, it takes a serious turn with kidnapping and spies involved. Let’s see what “A Bloody Brilliant Plan” brought forth.

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Not so bloody brilliant

NCISLA continued to provide some laughs in this episode. Although, we’re certain Sam is ready to switch partners after all three of his teammates’ gang up on him. Despite the clownery that started with Callen, and not Deeks for once, the team works hard to recover an ex-con’s daughter. The young woman has been kidnapped in order to obtain a powerful weapon system.

When the team disrupts a handoff involving Ricky Dorsey (Vinnie Jones) and Frankie Bolton (Steve Valentine) and an arms dealer, they find out about the kidnapping. In an effort to find the middle man, who as been murdered, they discover the North Koreans wanted the weapons system and had taken Dorsey’s daughter, Angela, as collateral. The team brings Jennifer Kim (Malese Jow) back to give intel on the spies involved.

As nice as it was to see the late Owen Granger’s daughter, this move puts Kim in danger. Dorsey is desperate to have his daughter back and makes contact with the suspect, Seok Nahng, to trade Angela for Jennifer. Frankie tries to call it “a bloody brilliant plan” but we all know it’s incredibly stupid and dangerous. Dorsey is in over his head and basically signed Kim’s death warrant.

If Callen and Sam looked ready to punch him for this betrayal, Jennifer looked absolutely stricken. Jow had our hearts in her hands showing both Kim’s fear and anger about what her fate would be.

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fathers and daughters

Coldly, she asks Dorsey about what kind of father was. Hearing that he did step up as a father, she understands his desperation, but of course, this is still a fearful situation to be in. Luckily, the team is able to make a plan of action even though Nahng puts them on a very tight deadline.

While Dorsey and Kim make themselves known to the spies, the team takes position so they can each take one spy down each. This does not prevent Dorsey and Kim from being shot, but luckily Kim’s vest saves her life.

Angela is brought home safely and the weapons system is recovered. Callen offers Kim to be in witness protection, but from the sounds of it, she wants to be able to continue doing good. Does this mean we will see her with the team more often? We would love to see her again, especially since she is a connection to Granger.

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As always with this show, we got to see the team go undercover in order to find the suspects they needed. We love to see the team play dress up and play their parts perfectly in order to get the job done. Even though Ricky did betray the team, they still worked together and saved the day with both Angela and the weapons system in safe hands.

Now, while we did enjoy the episode, we are certainly missing Eric and Nell. Fatima expertly filled in, even handling Ricky and Frankie’s apparent confusion over her not actually being a supercomputer.

The team got to have fun with one another, taking on accents and clowning around. It is so amusing to see how Kensi has become like her husband, showing the small details that occur when we pick up things from those we love. You may not always see a lovey-dovey moment between them, but that is okay. The little things like this show they are a couple who know one another inside and out.

Next week looks a little more action-packed. Of course, we may still get some moments of hilarity as always! What did you like about “A Bloody Brilliant Plan?” Make sure to comment your thoughts below! Find us on Twitter to talk about all things NCIS: Los Angeles.

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