Finding Nemo

30 Days of Thanks: Why We’re Thankful for ‘Finding Nemo’

Finding Nemo gave us a lot to be thankful for

Continuing on with our 30 Days of Thanks, we could possibly not dedicate an article to the 2003 Pixar movie, Finding Nemo.

What we are thankful for

The movie is a beautiful and touching parenting lesson and shows every mom and dad, and their child, that it is okay to let go, and that becoming independent is part of the journey. ‘Helicopter parent’ Marlin learns it the hard way of course, but it makes his reunion with Nemo even more emotional.

And what a rollercoaster of emotions this movie is! You’re scared, you’re excited, you laugh, you cry. And, just like Marlin, you travel across the mesmerizing world under the sea. The photography is just breathtaking — and personally made ‘becoming a fish’ kind of a life goal!

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo Animation via Pixar

Who we are thankful for

Dory. The gem of the movie, the cherry on the cake that makes the film shift from ‘great’ to ‘hella unforgettable’. We simply love everything about Dory: her candor, her unwavering optimistic outlook on life (keep swimming, right?), her oh so endearing short span memory and her many talents! I mean, she can read and speak whale!

Finding Nemo wouldn’t be half of what it is without her and that is one more reason to be thankful.

But we are also grateful for the coolest Tank Gang in Australia. Roll call: Gill, Jacques, Gurgle, Peach, Deb, Bubbles, Bloat and Chuckles. They taught us friendship, loyalty, courage, and freaking de-ter-mi-na-tion. When I’m stuck in life, I just pause and think “what would the Tank Gang do?” and you all know the answer to this question is ‘absolutely anything’.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo via Pixar


Finally, Finding Nemo reminds us about the astounding beauty of the undersea and its creatures and —and it is worth noting— it showed us it is absolutely okay (and legit!) to be scared of the dentist. Thank you, Pixar, for acknowledging that!

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