‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Episode 11×05 Review: “Provenance”

NCIS: Los Angeles is really bringing in the laughs this season so far, which is a nice break from the constant heartbreak we felt we experienced in the last few seasons. Of course, we all know they are just getting started, but it’s nice to laugh along with the characters. This case, especially, was amusing from beginning to end. “Provenance” delivered some great work, especially from Kensi who donned an unusual outfit while undercover.

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the cube

Nell is as excited as Eric would be upon opening a brand new video game console when they get a case involving the theft of a painting worth $40,000. Of course, the team can’t help but be surprised considering the painting is…a cube. No, The Cube, which went missing two years previously. It was rumored to have belonged to Saddam Hussein. This makes it worth a lot to potential buyers on the black market.

The last people to have the painting were a couple by the name of Lucy and Luis Garcia, whose import/export business was a front for dealing with prescription drugs on the black market. Help comes in the form of Katherine Casillas, an insurance agent who represents the painting’s original owner, Jean Shu, who had it stolen just two weeks after obtaining the painting.

Katherine had both us and Sam intrigued, and it honestly felt like there was a connection between them. Could there be some form of flirtation going on between the two? We don’t know, but if we see her again, things could get interesting. Their dynamic was solid throughout the episode and it was enjoyable to experience.

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not your usual little black dress

One of the best parts of the episode had to be when Kensi went undercover as a potential buyer for a black market painting. She was completely over the top and out of character, which just showed what a great agent she is, especially undercover. Even the outfit she wore was hideous, which would normally get a snarky remark out of her husband. However, he simply just talked about how gorgeous she was, potentially saving him a trip to the couch.

The case eventually leads back to the auctioneer who was connected with both Jean and the Garcias. Before the painting can be handed over to the latest bidder, the team is able to recover it and return it to Jean.

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This was a really good episode. It showcased the team’s humorous side when it comes to a case that has to be seen to be believed. A fun, lighthearted episode is always good to see. This gave viewers a break from the sadness that is so often seen.

One of the only things that were a minor irritation was Deeks being taken out so easily. He has been able to defend himself before and he is more capable than the LAPD gives him credit for. But one thing is for sure, Deeks is a great fit with the team and we know Callen and Sam do care about him underneath those stoic gazes.

What did you think of Provenance? Next week already looks exciting based on previews. We can’t wait to see what our favorite NCIS Agents, and Deeks, are up to. Okay, we’ll be going now.

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