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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Episode 11×04 Review: “Yellow Jack”

NCIS: Los Angeles has been doing a great job this season so far with the characters, especially Kensi and Deeks. In addition to getting a personal look at their lives that connected with the case, the latest episode “Yellow Jack” also brought back a character we have not seen since season 5.

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agent afloat

“Yellow Jack” opened with Special Agent Ehsan Navid (Wesam Keesh), who has been brought on board the USS Allegiance as the new agent afloat. While he gets mostly a warm welcome, one Petty Officer is clearly hostile towards him. In the midst of Callen and Sam introducing him to the others, a new case involves a Lieutenant Junior Grade Leslie Grant, who had previously been on board and was found dead in an alley. What makes her death especially worrisome is she was infected with Ebola.

The team must not only find her killers but also figure out when she was infected. When other officers on board begin getting sick, they worry that there may be more illnesses. They also want to make sure no more spies are onboard the ship.

Throughout the episode, Kensi has been especially paranoid about being close to where Ebola could be exposed. Eventually, she admits to Deeks she is late on her period and she isn’t sure if she is pregnant. They have not discussed kids as much as they likely should have, although Kensi is aware that Deeks does want kids. The fact that she is more careful about where she is shows that she does not want anything to happen if she is pregnant.

In spite of the possible life-changing news, Deeks is incredibly focused on finding the people responsible for Grant’s death. He is not as much of a jokester as he normally would be, although we know when it’s serious, he knows how to stay in check. Plus, he also is dealing with what is going on with Kensi.

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Eventually, they find Sajida al-Eryani (Kimberley Drummond), who is a member of the Mashriq Army and is apparently set on infecting as many people with Ebola as possible. Along with her unknown partner, they wanted Grant to find her way to a veteran’s hospital so she could infect doctors and patients. Grant managed to fight back, which ruined their plans. Fatima and Nell work together to eventually find Fadel Ali and Kensi and Deeks find him before he can infect anyone.

We’re only a few episodes in and we have seen Kensi and Deeks investing and closing the cases perfectly. We love seeing them in action, especially seeing how they are able to focus even when something big might be going on personally. They share a beautiful scene together at the end, once Kensi knows it was a false alarm and seeks her husband out.

Deeks is understanding of the emotions she was going through and is a great supportive husband. While they don’t directly figure things out, they leave the door open to decide what they want in the future. This was a perfect moment for them, showcasing that it is not a subject that is as open and shut. Kensi has always been reluctant about wanting kids, but this episode showed that she was opening herself up to it. They have time to figure things out together.

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When the ship is given the all-clear, Callen and Sam say their goodbyes to Agent Navid. He has done great work on the case. In addition, Navid manages to work things out with Petty Officer Stephen Lamb. After falling ill and receiving Navid’s aid, he realized he was judging him on his religion rather than his character. Navid is ready to start over and we are hopeful we get to see him again. The team likes him a lot and he is a great connection to the Allegiance. Plus, seeing him could mean we get to see Harm again!

We’re looking forward to seeing what else comes the team’s way and how they continue to work together. At least we hope they have more opportunities to work as a group. We miss their dynamic when all of them are together. What did you think of “Yellow Jack?” Make sure to keep an eye out for more recaps of NCIS: Los Angeles every Sunday! Join us on Twitter to talk about the episode as well!

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