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‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Episode 11×03 Review: “Hail Mary”

This week’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, “Hail Mary,” was certainly one of those episodes that had you laughing for pretty much the entire episode. From classic Deeks one-liners to Eric being his bumbling, awkward self, there was plenty to enjoy about this episode.

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top secret

The team is approved for a mission that is leaving them in the dark, almost literally. None of them have any idea what they are doing and the man who called on them, Retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride (Gerald McRaney), is short on words and short on patience. It doesn’t help the team when he separates them, leaving Callen and Sam with him while Deeks and Kensi babysit “one big baby.”

As it turns out, a naval intelligence officer has gone missing and she is being sold off to the highest bidder due to her knowledge of military secrets. Kilbride is taking over the identity of an arms broker, the one Deeks and Kensi are left with, in order to negotiate for her safe return. While they do have the name David Conklin, Nell and Eric realize this is just one of many aliases’.

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All goes well until two men come after the trio, leaving Deeks and Kensi no choice but to escape using the pool. When they get Conklin to the boatshed, they do not get much out of him. They do not even have his real name. Either way, his scenes with our beloved married couple sure bring some laughs.

Kilbride, Sam, and Callen eventually bring in Adnan Das, who is the son of an arms dealer, Vihaan Das. It is likely he is being groomed to take over the business. They plan on trading him for Jess Adams. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst when Adnan suddenly stops breathing. While we don’t know what causes his eventual demise, this does put a damper on their attempts to get Adams back safely.

The team won’t let one little death keep them from their mission. With Jess back safely, the team bumbles through an awkward moment between Kilbride and Eric before going to the bar for drinks. Oh, did we mention Deeks and Kensi apparently named it Squid and a Dagger? How are we feeling about that name? It suits them, although we would have loved to hear that conversation!

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This was a nice pick up from last week, where it felt like the action and comedy were put together nicely. It was also great to see the team working closely together as a unit, even when communication was light. They still managed to be connected even without conversation.

One of the fun aspects of the show is that there are some comedic moments to lift us from the seriousness. Even their mysterious arms broker had us snickering. Although, him trying to claim torture to Kensi and Deeks had us giving him the side-eye.

While there wasn’t much in the way of personal moments between the team, we still got some great moments. This includes Kensi calling Deeks a term of endearment while they are being shot at. Somehow this makes us love the team even more. Kilbride also was a joy to have around, his obvious disdain for social media aside.

Next week looks like it will be high stakes for the team. We’re looking forward to seeing how it plays out! We will see you next week for an all-new episode. Check back with us for more reviews of NCIS: Los Angeles. Make sure to tell us what you liked about the episode on social media, including Twitter!

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