‘Doctor Strange 2’ Rumor: 5 characters that could be resurrected

Doctor Strange 2 new rumor has sparked a new wave of exciting speculation and hope.

The second installment of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hasn’t begun production yet and all that we know dates back to last August for D23. The biggest announcement Marvel made was that Elizabeth Olsen would co-star as Scarlet Witch.

Yet, a new exciting rumor has just made it online affirming that the movie will resurrect two currently dead MCU characters. This news obviously opens the door to many new theories and speculation and, of course, we couldn’t resist jumping in the wagon.

Here are 5 characters we think could be brought back from the dead.

QUICKSILVER/Pietro Maximoff

Photo: Marvel

You didn’t see this one coming?

Because Scarlet Witch will play a prominent role in the Doctor Strange sequel, it is likely that it will be the resurrection of a character directly linked to her. Wanda Maximoff made her first appearance in the MCU alongside her twin brother before he was brutally taken away from her at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Many fans were disappointed by this swift and quite clumsy exit which did not pay the fastest man alive justice. His return could be a way for Marvel to make amends with the public and give Disney’s Quicksilver a new glow (as well as start the first step to introducing the X-Men into the MCU).


Photo: Marvel

Another obvious theory but hear us out on this one. It is another dead character with a direct connection to Wanda. Maximoff was left broken and devastated after the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame which made the advanced robot’s death permanent. Yet, at the end of the final movie, Wanda seemed oddly at peace with this heavy loss which could suggest that Scarlet Witch may bury grief into her magical world of illusion.

Indeed, Kevin Feige sort of hinted at it when introducing the Disney+ WandaVision series as a retro sitcom which will explore the aftermath of Endgame. No explanation has yet been given as to how Paul Bettany could possibly reprise his role of Vision if he is dead. However, the promo poster, which was released, seems to confirm this theory.

Doctor Strange

WandaVision official poster

If Wanda does use her powers to create an idyllic and peaceful life, her illusions are likely to take over, get out of control and make her sink into a dangerous place. This could be the start of her famous Crazy Scarlet Witch episode from the comics and would directly link with the title of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, coincidentally set for release right after the WandaVision series, which would deal with the chaotic alternate reality created by Wanda’s mind. In addition, Director Scott Derickson promised the fans he would make “the first scary MCU movie”. 

As tragic as it sounds for Wanda, it would certainly be one of the most exciting character arcs of the MCU.

The Ancient One

Photo: Marvel

This one concerns Doctor Strange himself. The Ancient One was undeniably one of the strengths of the first installment. Unfortunately, she died quite too soon in our opinion, taking along with her precious secrets that still remain to be explored. Her appearance in Avengers: Endgame was one of the highlights of the movie and proved how her character was still relevant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although Stephen Strange has been repeatedly presented as the one to take over and become the new figure of authority — the Sorcerer Supreme— in the wizarding world that doesn’t mean the Ancient One won’t have to be brought back in order to help restore the Multiverse.

Another theory to consider is that in order to bring back the character and resolve the wave of criticism it received for casting Tilda Swinton, Marvel could decide to have the Ancient One return in a new body and cast someone new for the role.

Either way, her return could totally be justified.

Black Widow

Doctor Strange

Photo: Marvel

This one would be quite an unexpected twist. Despite dying in Endgame, Natasha is returning in her own standalone movie in May 2020. It is reportedly a sequel set after the events of Captain America: Civil War. But it might not be the last we see of the Russian spy.

According to some rumors, Marvel would be very happy with the first cut and considering making it a trilogy. If this is true, Marvel would logically want the sequels to be set in the timeline of Phase 4. Natasha Romanoff should, therefore, need to be alive and her resurrection could happen in Dr. Strange 2 thanks to Wanda, her mentee.

Now, excuse us while we get emotional over this possibility…

Tony Stark

Photo: Marvel

This one is the least probable option. Iron Man is the father of the MCU and the heart of the Avengers. His death in Endgame was the ultimate sacrifice of a true hero. And it will undoubtedly leave its mark in Phase 4.

Tony and Doctor Strange developed a bond through Infinity War which shone through ultimately in the last moment that sealed Stark’s fate. Perhaps, Strange will feel it is his responsibility and duty to bring back the Earth’s “Best Defender”. And to offer him the chance to retire peacefully with his family as the fans had hoped.

However, it seems like Robert Downey Jr.’s contract with Marvel is over. For instance, his cameo in the Black Widow movie is said to be a deleted scene from Civil War.

Never say never, though!

And you, which of the above characters would you like to see be brought back into the MCU?

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