Quiz: How much of a Romanogers shipper are you?

Are you ready to find out how much of a Romanogers shipper you truly are?

As you have certainly gathered by now, we are hardcore Stevenat shippers at Cape and Castle. We’ve been shipping these two for as long as we can remember and what a ride it has been. However now, we only want to concentrate on the best moments because — let’s just say it as it is—  they were relationship goals on every aspect and they gave us all the thrills!

Because the Romanogers army is one big family, we thought we would put together a quiz to celebrate that god tier MCU ship and test your knowledge.

Are you as much of a Steve x Natasha shipper as you think you are? Do you really know all of their scenes by heart? So buckle up and take what is, undoubtedly, the ultimate Romanogers shipper quiz.

Make us proud!

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