‘Frozen 2’: Secrets of Arendelle Revealed In Third Trailer

Disney released the third trailer for Frozen 2 on September 23rd, which was the inaugural day of autumn. Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, along with their cute and loyal team of Olaf and Sven set out north. They are attempting to unearth the mysteries threatening their kingdom. They unleashed the forces of nature in the latest trailer for Frozen 2. The long-awaited sequel will arrive in theaters November 22nd! We know little about the plot, but with images from the third trailer, we’re beginning to understand better. We’re bewildered by how delicate the animation is and the unfamiliar worlds we have yet to uncover.

This time they will be called from their magical land to venture into unknown areas shrouded in mystifying danger. A mysterious song and a threat to Arendelle prompt the sisters to travel to the Northern Forest seeking answers. Will Elsa be corrupted by the mysterious voice she hears? Why is Arendelle under threat? How did Elsa obtain her powers? Let’s discuss the commentary and visuals within the latest trailer! We’ll discuss further some points we made in our last Frozen 2 trailer article, which you can find here.

The Trailer

The trailer opens with a vivid view of Arendelle three years after Frozen. Next, it presents us with a flashback of young Elsa and Anna when their parents, were still alive. Agnarr narrates his life within an Enchanted Forest:

King Agnarr: “Far away, as north as we can go, once stood an Enchanted Forest.”
Young Anna: “You’ve seen an Enchanted Forest?”
King Agnarr: “Yes. It was a magical place, but something went wrong. Since then, no one can get in or out.”
Young Anna: “Whoa, Papa! That was epic!”

Established by King Agnarr, the Enchanted Forest was an area that had become enveloped by a mysterious mist. His story brings us confirmation that he knew more of the Northern Forest and even encountered magic firsthand.

It’s springtime in the Enchanted Forest; We see four large Callanish Stones, each with distinctive symbols relating to the four elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire. In the flashback scenes, a youthful Agnarr is visiting the Enchanted Forest with what look to be palace guards. A burst of wind passes by, and he sees a young girl that keeps appearing throughout the first and second trailers. This girl seems to be floating, implying she has magical abilities to manipulate wind.

Along with what what we’ve said in past articles, there may be more to the King’s story. Something he withheld from his daughters. In the first full trailer, Grand Pabbie stated that the past isn’t what it seems. Is it possible the King is lying about his past? Perhaps he’s unaware of the full story and is missing pieces about what happened since he was young. The truth will reveal itself soon.

Now years later, after the stories of Frozen, Frozen Fever, and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Anna reminds Elsa she’ll always have her.

Sibling devotion

From one outlook, we have Elsa telling Anna that she can’t just follow her into fire. Anna’s response is that maybe Elsa shouldn’t walk into fire. This exchange says a lot about their bond. They’re worried about each other; as most siblings are, each frantic they’ve wandered into vulnerable circumstances. But there could be more to the exchange between them, it could even lead to a more prominent argument. With both sisters trying to protect each other, and each running into dangerous scenarios alone, it will be hard for them to work together.

Elsa spent her childhood trying to hold in her powers. Now she acts. Anna clings onto her sister because she spent too much time being alone. They were both isolated. Anna fears losing Elsa, the only family she has left. This fear will be constant. Anna will be unable to focus on the journey ahead as she desires to restore lost time. Grand Pabbie told Anna that Elsa was at high risk on the journey ahead; It only made her worry more.

This journey will bring trouble. Elsa has to strengthen her powers, while Anna is giving everything she has to protect her sister, refusing to let go. From what we’ve seen, Anna’s development will include overcoming her fear of being alone and losing her sister. Elsa’s journey is exploring herself and not losing to the pull of magic.

Corrupting Magic

Something interesting is the concept of magic being an alluring force corrupting those who use it. Could this scene between the siblings be an effect of the magic’s influence on Elsa? Elsa entered the Enchanted Forest by following a mysterious voice only she can hear. Also, she’s been using her magic more than ever. Perhaps Elsa believes she is in control of the magic, but the magic is controlling her.

Throughout Elsa’s journey, she’ll gain false confidence in her powers; This shows in the scene of her putting out the fire just before Anna confronts her. Such confidence prompts Elsa to make rash decisions, forgetting to think before she leaps into the fire. What if Elsa stops listening to Anna’s concerns? The voice speaking only to Elsa lures her into its power, so she follows the mysterious voice rather than Anna’s.

Sisterly Love

Anna is often acting as the older sibling toward Elsa; This confrontation shows her take charge as a responsible older sister. In addition to the anger and sternness in Anna’s voice as she confronts Elsa’s recklessness, it shows how much Anna has taken charge. Despite being three years younger. This rise was proven true in Frozen. Anna took the role of an older sibling, doing everything she could to protect Elsa from harm. From the trailer, Anna has clearly matured over the past three years.

Though the sisters were both isolated when they were children, Anna is acting like an older sister in order to give Elsa everything she never had. Caring for Elsa’s welfare and giving her a shoulder to lean on as she falls asleep. Anna knows how many times Elsa had to sleep alone in a cold, dark room full of fear because of her powers. She will never let Elsa be alone again—she knows just how agonizing it feels. It’s all the little things like this she gives her sister that make up for all the lost years between them.

Anna knows her sister better than anyone, and she is attuned to Elsa’s needs. Anna’s reactions toward her sister’s actions warm our hearts because it’s rare to see the younger sibling show the amount of compassion and responsibility Anna does. We will witness the devotion between these two sisters within the story of Frozen 2.


Let’s talk about the pinkish/purple fire we see covering the forest. The fire reacting as if controlled by our newest character, Bruni. Curious and cute, this salamander inhabits the Enchanted Forest. Though shy at first, Bruni can’t help but be drawn to Elsa’s icy magic and enjoys the cool snowflake treats she creates.

We’ve only known Bruni for a day and a half, but if anything were to happen to him, we would freeze everyone in that forest and then ourselves. But the identity of Bruni and his unique capabilities is not as captivating as what happened between Bruni and Elsa. Let’s discuss:

Elsa’s True Power

In a Frozen 2 theory, Elsa won’t fix the issues between the elements and the Enchanted Forest with her powers. She will use her heart, showing love and compassion. Rather than fight the salamander, she treats him with love. Elsa’s journey to unite Arendelle with the spirits of the Enchanted Forest will showcase her real power. An absolute power that made it so she never lost her mind in isolation. One that turned out to be the key to controlling her powers. Her love and compassion for others has always been important to her character. In the sequel, Elsa’s love will save the day.

Frozen taught us that love conquers all. We think it would make sense for love to be a central theme in the sequel once again. Love kept Elsa alive—both the love in her own heart and the love Anna had for her. It would be too easy to have Elsa go all superhero and beat the elements with a grand magical display; This isn’t a Marvel movie. It’s her selflessness and love that runs more profound than the ocean and prevails when all else fails. It has to be.

Elsa’s Curse

Going back to Frozen, Grand Pabbie asks Agnarr if Elsa was born or cursed with her powers, and the King reveals that she was born with them. Grand Pabbie reveals that cursed magic exists within the Frozen universe. Elsa being born with magic fits the message of adopting an intrinsic element of yourself—but cursed magic sounds compelling when speculating the story for Frozen 2.

What could Agnarr’s purposes be for stating Elsa received her powers at birth? We know Agnarr was in the Enchanted Forest when it became encased by a wall of mystical fog, resulting in an imbalance. Still, it’s unclear whether he acts sincerely. Could Agnarr’s actions in the past be a consequence for not righting wrongs he had caused (deliberately or unintentionally)? A curse on Elsa would be within one’s control to ensure a balance between Arendelle and the Northern Forest.

Within fairytales and folklore, who befalls the consequences of their progenitor’s mistakes by transpiring curses?

Firstborn daughter

Perhaps Elsa’s magic transpires from a curse, as it might be the reason she hears the mysterious voice in the trailer? After Elsa’s magic manifested, attuning her magical abilities, she’d be able to ascertain the mysterious voice. We see something similar in Sleeping Beauty—at the hour of Aurora’s curse. She fulfills the purpose of the curse by pricking her finger upon a spinning wheel. Assuming that the spirits of the Enchanted Forest cursed Elsa, the curse could pull her to achieve the deed her father failed.

Elsa has known about being born with powers her whole life but always seen them as a curse. Especially after she hurt Anna. She feared them and tried her best to hide them from everyone, scared of hurting someone again. In Frozen, Elsa learns to accept her powers and love herself. How would Elsa react if she were to find out her father lied about her powers? Not only would she find out her powers were a curse but also after she’s accepted them would be psychologically compelling, yet heartbreaking to witness. Once again, Frozen 2 incorporates a story related to magic and mystery but also becomes a way to talk about roots and finding oneself.

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