Obi-Wan Officially Returns to the Star Wars Universe

That’s right, folks. You read that correctly. After talks with Disney, Ewan McGregor is donning the robes of Obi-Wan once again.

At Disney’s D23 Expo fan convention on Friday, Ewan McGregor walked out onstage, joining Lucasfilm boss, Kathleen Kennedy and surprising fans in the room. With the microphone raise to his lips, the 48 year old Scottish actor asked her, “Could you ask me in front of all these people, in front of all these witnesses, can you please ask me: am I going to play Obi-Wan Kenobi again?” She did and as everyone expected, he replied in the affirmative.

Fan response was extremely vocal as people began to yell and applaud in delight. Ewan also seemed to be very excited himself as he let out a little whoop and grinned widely at the audience.

Over the years, he has been asked many times by fans and reporters alike if he would like to portray Obi-Wan once more and he has always expressed a desire to do so. Now, it’s finally going to happen.

“It’s been four years of saying ‘Well, I don’t know,'” he said to the crowd. “Now, I can say ‘Yes, we’re going to do it.'”

Ewan played Obi-Wan in The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. It’s been fourteen years since his last appearance in a Star Wars film.

At one point, there were rumors that Lucasfilm planned to do a movie about the popular Jedi Master. However, with the poor box office return on the Star Wars film, Solo, Disney backpedaled on their plans to bring more prequel films to the theater.

Not much is currently known about the production, but Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy did say that the episodes have already been written and filming of the Disney+ series will start sometime next year. From the ecstatic reception of the fans, it will most likely be a very popular show.

Obi-Wan isn’t the only one getting his own series: Disney showed a trailer for another Star Wars show called The Mandalorian, which will be about infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Also, a prequel series about Cassian Andor will be starting production in the near future with Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk reprising their roles from Rogue One.

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