Quiz: Which Disney Princess are you?

Discover your inner Disney princess

At Cape and Castle, we grew up with Walt Disney movies and we all have a favorite Disney Princess. And who has never wondered if they are indeed just like her?

And we aim to please.

Today is #FairyTaleFriday and because we like quizzes so much we couldn’t resist making the most important one in the life of any Disney fan. 

Are you sweet like Cinderella, romantic like Ariel or bold like Moana? Or perhaps you are adventurous like Merida? Wait no more: put your tiara on and find out now. But no matter which princess you get: you are amazing all the same! 

Have a magical quiz…

Pick an evening look for a party

Pick a dessert

Pick a city

Prague, Czechia
Copenhagen, Denkmark
Reykjavik, Iceland
Marrakesh, Morocco
Paris, France
Edinburgh, Scotland
Florence, Italy
New York City, USA
Zurich, Switzerland

Pick a song

Pick the perfect place to relax

Quiz: Which Disney Princess are you?

You Got:

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